Monday, March 9, 2009

Review: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

I have heard some really good reviews about this and some bad ones. This product works for me so I am going to tell you what it`s like for me. Everyone has different skin types so it will work good on some and bad on others.Also keep in mind that just because I say I like a product im not telling you that you should get it because I don`t want you to go and get it and then hate it. Anways...
I like this primer. For me it works really well. I have kind of combintation skin. I apply moisturizer, the primer then my foundation. It really does help from the makeup sinking into any fine lines or pores on your face. It has silicone in it so it sort of has that kind of feeling on your face. I definatley can notice a difference, on me anyway when I use this primer. I bought the small bottle of it which is CA$35.00 just in case I didn`t like it because the big bottle costs CA$40.00. I do plan on getting the full sized though.
Like I said before this is not for everyone I recomend that if you do want to try it you see if you can get a sample or just buy the small bottle. Also I don't think people with really oily skin will like it because it might make their skin feel greasy. This item is available at drugstores (Shoppers Drug Mart) as well as places like Sephora.
XOXO Crystal

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