Thursday, May 7, 2009


I completely forgot about this site, I also have another site too so it's hard to keep up with both. Anyways, I got some stuff to review and show and all that jazz so you should see more posts soon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box

Yesterday I decided I would try out the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box. I am not dissapointed with it at all. The colours are great. They are pigmented well,apply nicely and are easy to work with. I think it's good for anyone. There are bright colours as well as some neutral ones too. It even comes with a litte bottle of Urban Decay Primer Potion. That little bottle wont last long though. I think there is only enough for about one use or so.
So I took some swatches to show you:

The shadows were applied dry with no base underneath.
I think my favourites would have to be Peace and Ransom.
I can't really make a comment on the primer potion because I haven't tried it.
I want to save it up, I can probably only use it once after all!
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Save some $$

You have to take a look at this site. It really has some good deals. They carry products from the brands: Stila, DuWop and Too Faced. The site is called
Beauty Crunch Click the link, take a look and let me know if you find any good deals!
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Im going shopping tomorrow! I'm excited to get some new stuff. I plan on checking out Sephora and MAC of course. I already have my lists ready on what I plan on getting. I will take some pictures when I get home. Also there will be swatches and product reviews. Im going to keep what I am getting under wraps and you will just have to come back tomorrow and see for yourself what I got.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Review: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

I have heard some really good reviews about this and some bad ones. This product works for me so I am going to tell you what it`s like for me. Everyone has different skin types so it will work good on some and bad on others.Also keep in mind that just because I say I like a product im not telling you that you should get it because I don`t want you to go and get it and then hate it. Anways...
I like this primer. For me it works really well. I have kind of combintation skin. I apply moisturizer, the primer then my foundation. It really does help from the makeup sinking into any fine lines or pores on your face. It has silicone in it so it sort of has that kind of feeling on your face. I definatley can notice a difference, on me anyway when I use this primer. I bought the small bottle of it which is CA$35.00 just in case I didn`t like it because the big bottle costs CA$40.00. I do plan on getting the full sized though.
Like I said before this is not for everyone I recomend that if you do want to try it you see if you can get a sample or just buy the small bottle. Also I don't think people with really oily skin will like it because it might make their skin feel greasy. This item is available at drugstores (Shoppers Drug Mart) as well as places like Sephora.
XOXO Crystal

My Mascara

So lately I have been using 2 mascaras. They are Maybelline define and lash volume and lash stiletto. Together I think they work well. I apply the volume mascara first and while it is still wet I apply the lash stiletto on top. It't important though that you don't let it dry before applying it because then it can turn out really bad and clumpy.
I don't know if you have noticed already but mascara is one of my favourite things. I love having beautiful long lashes. I don't know why but I don't really use high end mascara. I just use drugstore ones. I guess it's because I haven`t really found any mascaras from high end brands that I like a lot. I am looking to try Loreal`s Telescopic mascara because I hear it`s good. Once I get that I`ll let you know how it is and do a review. That`s all for now...
XOXO Crystal
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Got the Curly Hair Blues?

Hopefully then these products and my techinique will work for you. They definately work for me. I have tried what seems like almost everything out there for my curly hair. Nothing seemed to work though. Thats until one day I magicly stumbled across 3 products and a new way to do my hair.
First of all lets start with the basics, for my shampoo and conditioner I use Pantentene Pro V for curly hair. I usually wash my hair at night and this is an important part of it. After I wash my hair I brush it of course then I spray in the Revelon Professional Equave Phase 2. You can't buy this product in a drugstore so you will need to get this from a beauty supply store or salon. Next a put an egg sized amount of Herbal Essences Tottaly Twisted Mousse. Last you put the Garnier Fructis Curl and Shine gel.
After all the products are in your hair you put your hair into two braids. Then I go to sleep with the braids in my hair. In the morning when you take your braids out your hair will be a little bit damp still but this is what you want. After you take the braids out put more of the gel.Then just do your hair however you want and your good to go.
It looks more complicated than it really is :)
XOXO Crystal

Sephora Smashbox Deal

For a limited time Sephora will be offering Smashbox's Halo Hydrating Powder and brush set with a free Photo Finish Lid Primer. It cost's $59.00 which is a good deal.So if you use the Halo Hydrating Powder or are looking to try it now is the time to buy it. Make sure you read the fine print to get all of the details.
For more details head over to Sephora's Website.
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Review Sally Hansen No Chip 10 day Nail Polish

Wouldn't it be great if what it tells you on this bottle of nail polish would be true? Unfortunately that's not the case. Sally Hansen 10 day no chip nail polish does live up to it's name though, I can tell you that. So now you might be wondering, well if it lives up to it's name then why don't you like it? That's exactly what I'm going to tell you.
They can get away with saying it wont chip because it doesn't. But what it does do is peel. I can not stand nail polishes that peel right off. Even though I used my professional top coat that works really well on it, it still peeled. To me a nail polish that peels is a big turn off. It just shows how cheap it really is. So, It does not chip but it does peel. Oh and forget about the whole ten day thing, your lucky if it lasts 4 days.
Needless to say, I will not be buying this product again.

XOXO Crystal

Saturday, March 7, 2009

MAC Kitty Kouture $$$

So a few days ago MAC released their Kitty Kouture collection part of their Hello Kitty line, if you don't already know. There are two Hello Kitty Dazzleglasses but instead of their regular packaging these ones have swarovski crystals. Also there are mystery powders. They come in three different shades: medium plus, light medium and dark secret. They look really nice and everything but they have quite a big price tag. CA$110.00 to be exact. Do you think it's really worht it's price? Honestly unless you like to collect this kind of stuff I don't think it is. It's described as a sheer mystery powder. Judging by that I have a feeling it't not going to be the best but at least it looks nice.
XOXO Crystal

Review: Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

It's new, it's Maybelline and it's mascara.

So I saw the commercial for this mascara and thought it could'nt hurt to give it a try.

I was not too dissapointed with the results. It is very lengthening but not so much volumizing. Also on the commercial they promise a "patented shine". There is no shine. The smell is a bit strong and I don't really like it all that much but I like using the mascara so I put up with it.

At first when I saw the brush it didn't look to promising. But then, then it happend...I put it on!

It lengthened my lashes and seperated them well. I was so surprised. The bottle has a different shape to it because its square. It doesn't really bother me though. The wand is a little bit longer than I am used to as well.

Over all it's a pretty good mascara. Im sure you can get it from alomst any drugstore and it's not expensive.

I recomend giving it a try and seeing if it's for you.


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