Saturday, March 7, 2009

MAC Kitty Kouture $$$

So a few days ago MAC released their Kitty Kouture collection part of their Hello Kitty line, if you don't already know. There are two Hello Kitty Dazzleglasses but instead of their regular packaging these ones have swarovski crystals. Also there are mystery powders. They come in three different shades: medium plus, light medium and dark secret. They look really nice and everything but they have quite a big price tag. CA$110.00 to be exact. Do you think it's really worht it's price? Honestly unless you like to collect this kind of stuff I don't think it is. It's described as a sheer mystery powder. Judging by that I have a feeling it't not going to be the best but at least it looks nice.
XOXO Crystal

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